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Accounting Services

Our team of experienced professionals specializes in providing technology accounting and tax services to FDI companies in Vietnam. By leveraging advanced software and tools, our services can help companies manage their financial operations more efficiently and effectively, saving time and money while reducing the risk of errors. 

Our range of Accounting Services, including Chief Accountant Services, VAS Compilation from other Accounting Frameworks, IFRS Conversions, and Payment and Invoicing services… empowers businesses to stay compliant, make informed decisions, and achieve sustainable growth. With our industry-leading expertise and years of experience, we are dedicated to delivering unparalleled excellence and tailored solutions that meet your specific needs.

Key Features of Our Accounting Services

Automated Data Entry

Save time and eliminate manual errors with our advanced technology that automates data entry processes.

Real-Time Reporting

Stay updated with instant access to comprehensive financial statements, enabling informed decision-making.

Reduced Risk of Errors

Our meticulous approach and quality control measures ensure accurate financial records and compliance.

Competitive Advantage

Leverage our services to gain a competitive edge, focus on core operations, and enable strategic decision-making.

What We Provide


Our experienced accounting professionals, including Chief Accountants, can manage all aspects of your financial management. We ensure accuracy, transparency, and regulatory compliance in bookkeeping, financial statement preparation...

VAS Compilation

Businesses must follow Vietnamese accounting standards (VAS) or IFRS. Our VAS and IFRS experts can bridge the gap and create accurate financial reports that show your company's true financial health. Our expertise boosts transparency, investor confidence, and competitiveness.

IFRS Conversion

Globalizing or investing abroad? VAS-to-IFRS conversion is crucial. Indochina Link Vietnam's IFRS Convert services ensure a seamless transition from local to international reporting standards. Our experts analyze your financial records, make adjustments, and accurately convert.

Payable and Invoicing

Maintaining cash flow and good supplier-customer relations requires efficient payment and invoicing processes. Indochina Link Vietnam's Payment and Invoicing services reduce errors and delays in financial transactions.

Who We Support

All FDI Companies wishing to:

Enter the Market

Expand Operations

Diversify their portfolio

Why Choose Us


Our team brings diverse expertise in bookkeeping, compliance, and global financial standards


We understand that each business is unique; our solutions are customized to fit your specific financial requirements.


With a track record of successful implementations, we have consistently delivered tangible results for our clients.

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